School of Humanities and Social Sciences

We offer a range of single honours and flexible joint degree programmes allowing students to combine different subjects of interest. What all of our subjects have in common is an active interest in the world we live in, from writing about it creatively, understanding how our past has defined our present on our history course, to understanding social or political movements that define us today. Our students are motivated and engaged and we want to equip you with the knowledge and skills that you can use in your chosen career.

About the School

  • Our courses regularly receive excellent student satisfaction. for example, in the 2019 National Student Survey 100% of Religion, Culture and Society students who participated in the survey were satisfied with their course. Our teaching staff include three Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellows, who were awarded their fellowships for excellence in teaching for careers and innovation in the classroom.

  • We are internationally recognised for our research and are successful in attracting research scholarship and funding – we house the Institute for Black Atlantic Research, which has hosted two internationally-funded Marie-Curie Research Fellows, we also run the UCLan Music Research Group, with staff researching music and culture here in the North West, but further afield too.

  • As well as opportunities in the classroom, there are opportunities outside it too, over the last 12 months our students have visited the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, China to name a few, have attended conferences nationally, and displayed work in museums to test their ideas in the real world.

  • We also operate a heritage network and have extensive connections with museums and historical organisations throughout the region. Therefore, in our degree programmes, we blend cutting-edge subject knowledge and practical experience to equip our students with the confidence, skills and creative potential, needed for the world of work.

Our Courses Your Experience

With innovative teaching and close links to a range of industries including heritage and museums, publishing, community leadership and third sector employers, the School offers an excellent environment for creative minds, find out more below.

Exceptional Teaching Staff

The School has a highly qualified staff base which includes National Teaching Fellows and industry award winners at the heart of our outstanding teaching.

High-Spec Learning Spaces

Our courses are taught in dedicated learning spaces including a Live Literature Room, a British Sign Language laboratory and a Linguistics laboratory.


Research is central to the School’s success. The vast majority of staff publish their work in high-rating journals and with reputable publishers. Among many specialisms of the members are the history of the Labour Party, history and popular culture in the North of England, Victorian literature and theatre, and everyday life and culture of the Muslim community in Britain.
The school is also involved in several research initiatives.

Professor of American Literature & Culture

Professor Will Kaufman

One of the UK's senior scholars in American Studies, Will Kaufman has served on the executive committee of the British Association for American Studies and has been Vice-Chair of the Association.

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Meet the School President

The school of Humanities and Social Sciences at UCLan is a great institution. Although it is smaller in relation to other UCLan schools, I think it has more to offer. Seminar sizes allow for a much more personal and engaging experience, as opposed to being lost in a huge lecture theatre. In addition, the lecturers are very approachable and will always make time for any queries or concerns. Overall, the school provides everything a student needs to flourish and reach their potential.

Before I enrolled, I was concerned about my abilities and whether or not I could manage the workload. However, since starting, I feel much more confident in myself and I am very happy that I chose UCLan, particularly because I have already achieved much more than I expected. As the School President for the upcoming academic year, I hope to play my part in contributing to the experiences of all students, both new and current. I aim to work with staff and course representatives to explore ways to improve what is already a great school.

I believe that it is the President's duty to ensure that all students are heard and that their courses meet or exceed their expectations.

Michael Flanagan

- Michael Flanagan - BA (Hons) Politics