Beth Bennett

BA (Hons) TV Production

Graduating in 2016 with a 2.1 Bachelor’s degree in Television Production and a place in the ITV Insight Pool, aspiring Executive Producer Beth Bennett is storming ahead in her career having landed herself a job as an auditions runner for ITV’s award-winning quiz show - The Chase.

Beth Bennett

“My greatest achievement is having my name on the credits for The Chase.” Beth said.

Beth has always been passionate about media and loves watching television, so when it came to choosing what to study at university Television Production seemed like a fitting choice. She said:

“I had been a presenter for my local hospital radio station and loved playing great music that people love, but as I wanted to do something more visual I decided to do a degree in TV Production.”

To develop herself professionally, Beth sought out work experience as a runner for leading independent production companies including Tiger Aspect and Nine Lives Media, and worked as part of the production team behind the collaborative project where ITV and UCLan joined forces to create a ‘Soap in a Week’. She said:

“I did so much work experience during my years at UCLan. I made sure that I did all my work experience while at university, so that I could go straight into a job after graduation.”

An ambitious go-getter, Beth’s level of commitment to succeed shone through and it came as no surprise to Television Production course leader Adam Robson when she announced her first break into the industry. He said:

I knew that Beth was a hugely proactive student who had been involved in a lot of freelance and placement work during her time at UCLan so I was overjoyed.

The Soap in a Week project was an opportunity for our students to show the crew and management from ITV how good they really were and Beth’s efforts were rightly recognised during the project.

He added: “Beth was entered into the ITV Insight Pool, so her chances of becoming a full-time member of ITV were greatly improved and it’s thanks to the pioneers of Soap in a Week that these series of events happened.”

In addition to her commitment to gaining fundamental industry experience, Beth travelled overseas on a couple of university bursary trips. She said: My lasting memories of UCLan include the great opportunities it has given me, from traveling to countries such as China and Poland, to the awesome facilities and technology the university has.”

In her advice to graduates who want to pursue a similar career, Beth stressed the importance of actively networking and building contacts. She said: "I would say to graduates, do as much as you can in terms of finding work experience for yourself and actually talk to people in the industry - don’t email them - actually talk to them.

"Do what feels right, if university isn’t for you then that’s okay. There are so many different ways to get into media, not everyone is suited to university life. She added: “During your time at university you learn how to be a director or a producer, but in the real world you don’t learn how to be a runner.

Beth’s career aspiration is to climb the career ladder at ITV to Executive Producer level and her former UCLan course leader Adam Robson has no doubts she’ll accomplish this. He said: “I am confident that in less than 10 years Beth will have achieved her current goal."